ICOH seeks to carry out a number of activities in line with its goals with collaboration of the members. The outline of the activities is as follows:

On-Going Activities

• Providing general advice and make referral on job training and higher education by networking with local employment services, colleges and other training organisations.
• Supporting asylum seekers in form filling and making referral to other agencies such as solicitors and social services.
• Providing emotional support and special service to women who are isolated and marginalised.
• Acting as the hub of Iranian cultural and social activity.
• Working closely with the cultural centres to disseminate Iranian culture and art.
Working in close liaison with other ethnic communities residing in the city of Hull to showcase the cultural heritage to British communities.   

Planned Activities:

• Organising short courses on Farsi language for the children and ESOL for the adults.
• Running workshops on Life in UK test, Personal Development, CVs and Further and Higher Education.
• Organizing workshops on Iranian language, arts and culture for young people.
• Running parenting workshops to meet the needs of the families in supporting their children to integrate to British culture while retaining Iranian identity.
• Organising social cultural events and ceremonies.