In the last fifteen years, there has been a considerable rise in the number of Iranian nationals who have settled in the UK. As with other immigrants, these new arrivals confront many challenges in dealing with their basic requirements in Britain. Since the early years of our arrival to the UK, we were delivering voluntarily general help and advice to many Iranian newcomers. With the establishment of ICOH, we delivered these services and advice through the organization. As reputation of ICOH has grown, so too has the demand for help and advice. To meet this demand, Newcomers Helpdesk was established as an advisory arm of ICOH. Newcomers Helpdesk is a 24/7 helpline with a network of 20 volunteers which primarily provides bespoke advisory services to Iranian newcomers. Newcomers Helpdesk helps clients seeking supports on different issues including: form filling, interpreting assistance, GP registration;, opening bank account and securing an educational placement. ICOH also makes referral to the following organizations: Jobcentre Plus, Inland Revenue, City Council and Housing, Citizen’s Advice Bureau, other charities and immigration organization, private solicitors and police and courts. Thanks to Newcomers Helpdesk, many Iranian newcomers hae received basic help and advice that they need urgently to come up with their basic needs to settle in new society. This ultimately expedited their settlement in the UK. The establishment of ICOH in 2013 coincided with increased reduction in public finance for immigrants. The cut specifically targeted interpreting cost for new arrivals. Our network of volunteers has spent more 200 hours interpreting job in 2014 which all have been done voluntarily. The benefits of ICOH’s work in facilitating the settlement of newcomers is difficult to quantify. One similar charity which is delivering the same services claimed that each £1 pound that invested in this area generate £15 benefit to the broader community.