Dr. Seyed Mani Sajedin (Director)

Mani PhD graduated from Chemistry Department of University of Hull. His publications on prestigious journals show his credibility and intelligence. He also has been engaged extensively in teaching undergraduate level during his study. In his early career, he has worked 3 years as private tutor in math and science for A-level and GCSE students. He also has been very active in voluntary programm designed to tackle educational attainment gaps in Hull and Humberside area.

      Dr. Pedram Saeid (Director)

Pedram is a PhD graduated from prestigious Politics department of University of Hull. He is now a research associate to the Centre for Legislative Studies in University of Hull. He is a former foreign policy advisor to many Persian Gulf countries and also counselled private companies on Middle East issues. Pedram has published several journal articles in political studies. His recent book titled the Development of Iranian-Saudi Relationship will be published in late 2015 by Ashgate Publisher.  


        Dr. Masoumeh Jahani (Director)

Massi graduated from Engineering Department of University of Hull in 2013, gaining a PhD in Medical Engineering then she completed MBA degree at Business School of University of Hull in 2014. Her publications on Computer Modelling are appeared in Journal of Biomechanics. In addition to university research, Massi has taught undergraduates from the engineering schools of the University of Hull in separate courses and gained extensive experience of the education sector through spending time working as both the voluntary tutor and high school teacher.